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Office space optimization: a profitable alternative

Nov. 27, 2018

Office space optimization: a profitable alternative

High real estate costs force many companies to adopt architectural strategies oriented to reduce costs and space, while strengthening organizational culture and updating ways of work.

We present 6 options that can help satisfy such needs.

1.    Standard Office Area. Determining the office area to be the same regardless of the occupant hierarchy, drastically reduces total area required while simultaneously encourages horizontal relationships amongst employees.

2.    Flexible spaces. An interesting alternative is to turn closed individual offices into spaces which, when empty, can also be used as meeting rooms.

3.    Hot Desking. Unassigned workstations that can be used by any employee. This reduces the total number of workstations required.

4.    Adjustable meeting rooms. Meeting rooms can be alternatively over or under-occupied. Since it is difficult to predict, implementing meeting rooms of adjustable capacity according to the needs is advisable.

5.    Casual Meeting Spaces. These spaces are usually open and do not need reservation to be used. They can reduce traffic in formal meeting rooms and increase team work and collaboration.

6.    Typologies Renewal. As time passes furniture gets outdated. Adopting modern styles contributes in building more efficient and flexible spaces.

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