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7 Tips to take care of, while designing your office

April 4, 2019

7 Tips to take care of, while designing your office

When you start an office, the most difficult part is the designing phase. An office is not just some setup of furniture and electronics. It is your “workplace” Here are some quick tips to design.

1.    Space Management: You have invested in a Good property & each and every inch matters to you. Manage your space, so as it is functional and effective. Focus on the number of employees in the office, how much pantry space you need, how many cabins are required and plan their placements optimally. Place the workstations according to the availability.

2.    Furniture: Invest in comfortable furniture. Remember, you can cuto ut on anything but noy comfort. The chair, u Will have to sito n, for the whole day has to be comfortable. Select the furniture wisely; it shouldbe stylish as well as comfortable. Categorise furniture for employees. Conference room and pantry differently- Choose cabinets and desks whit a loto f storage space.

3.    Lighting: An office should be well illuminated, mostly by natural light. Allow windows to brighten your office and let in fresh air, you can use curtain blinds tol et in the needed amount of light in the office. Smart placement of CPL and LED lights is very necessary in the conference room. Use designer lighting options available in the market, which Will add to the overall ambiance of your office.

4.    Storage quotient: It’s an office; more and more files will be coming your way. Each day, the storage portion of the office should be very well designed. Place your cabinets smartly and use tables with many drawers which can store stuff. Leading corporate interior designers use horizontal filing cabinets or storage pedestals for easy access and to reduce the clutter of office.

5.       Reception: The reception of the office should be very impressive. As it is the first thing the people will observe. Accessorize the reception with trendy and smart pen stands and paperweights. Use designer notice boards to add to the look. A nice reception has a positive impact on the people coming to your office. If you own a small office, an angular reception will suit you best. Also, right kind of light can make up the space constraint.

6.       Conference Room: Yet another important feature of an office is its conference room. Invest in a projector that is bright enough for the size of the conference room. The size and layout of your room will determine the right shape of table to be used. Place the LED smartly and use light colors to give it a spacious look. The conference room should be designer such as it is comfortable, appealing and tech powered too.

7.       Experiment: Think something out of the box, don´t be afraid to experiment a little, use a vibrant color scheme, a new technology or a peppy furniture article. A small office can also be designed luxuriously.

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Article taken from: Futumicdesigns

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