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Two companies join and receive international award for interior design

Aug. 22, 2019

Two companies join and receive international award for interior design

IIDA AWARDS announced the winners of the 7th edition of this international event.
Globant Offices in Colombia were the winners in the Large Office Interior category, with the Project Biophilia, designed and built by AEI US Studio, after a huge teamwork between leaders from both companies. 

A teamwork where Globant guided and led the project in order to one of the most innovative offices in the architecture sector, became real with AEI’s experience. 

The winning project is developed from the Biophilia concept, and its main objective is to highlight the natural resources like air, natural light and water, introducing natural materials and color accents which imitate nature and its forms. Also, it highlights the idea of reconnection with nature, generating a direct relationship between the different spaces and the user. 

The architectural program was based on Globant’s needs, using the 120°open office typology that allows to have a collaborative work. In the middle of the Project was located the Chillout, which is a space designed for the cafeteria, leisure and recreation. It has with a bowling area that allows the Globers to have a different recreational space.

Among the challenges of developing this Project we found the construction of different geometries and shapes using natural materials, in order to achieve an innovative design.

Eduardo Oppenheimer, Corporate Real Estate – Expansion manager of Globant, said: “After 8 years and more than 20 projects in conjunction with AEI, I think we’ve grown a lot. We set out to go one step further in the interior design and year after year, working hand in hand with AEI, we’ve made it. Globant stands out within the software industry by being an innovative company, and our area, Corporate Real Estate and Expansion, is not far behind. We needed to bring out Globers a refreshing and differentiated environment where they would be able to feel like home. Innovation is the foundational gene and the differential axis of Globant, and from our offices we work with that same guideline in order to encourage their creativity, enable great possibilities for management and bring our customers the best service we can. With AEI we’ve reach this in different projects.”

Marta Gallo, managing partner of AEI, affirmed “the communication and relationship with the client was essential to achieve the winner design. Since the beginning we were connected and committed to understand what they really wanted to reflect with this Project. Globant always places us challenges in terms of risky designs that help us grow.”

Both multinationals have achieved projects that are worldwide referents in corporate design and winners of different awards around the world.

About IIDA

IIDA, the commercial association of interior design with global reach, has been the leader of the definition, the support and the enrichment of the interior design sector. “The Latin American Design awards show us pioneer design projects and locally inspired who successfully represent the communities. Said the Executive Vice President and Executive Manager the IIDA, Cheryl S. Durst. “The winner projects of this year represent the best of the architecture and the visionary design in their respective regions.”