It is Possible to move your home to the workplace

February 11th, 2015 - Recently in Colombia studies have shown that company workers tend to look for workplaces that can allow them to have a good working environment. Among some of the aspects involved in this are having a flexible schedule, living close to the office or even working from home. Providing these benefits to workers and employees is not always an easy task. But, we have to agree that having adecquate offices that meet the needs of day to day life, where you can be inspired and feel welcome is only just one step towards increasing the levels of satisfaction in the workplace.

Geopark a Latin American company engaged in the exploration, operation and consolidation of oil and gas has recently opened offices in Bogotá and opted for a design that would make their workers feel more welcome. Arquitectura e Interiores, the firm in charge of the design, decoration and construction of the new headquarters, thought of providing their employees and visitors a welcoming space.

If home is the only place where you can find rest and tranquility, why not take it to the working place? Marta Gallo, from Arquitectura e Interiores said " One of our responsibilities is to provide people with a better quality of life in their working space, When all is said and done they spend more time in their working space than at home " . The Geopark offices incorporate materials that come from the earth, such as stone, wood, brick, vegetation and transparencies that enable a warm, friendly, family atmosphere. At the same time, other spaces were also included such as libraries, gardens, a dining room and several relaxation places which invite visitors and colleagues alike to ' feel more at home ' .