• We are the only firm in Colombia with accurate technology to measure space utilization in real team using 200 special devices.
  • We analyze space utilization in real time and develop strategies to optimize our client’s existing foot print, making it more efficient.


  • We have designed 50 million sq. Meters of Comercial spaces in Colombia
  • We designed spaces that generate extra 35% wellbeing in our end-users
  • We create spaces to Foster productivity, with an increase of 17%


  • We manage integrally all construction processes to ensure flawless execution of each project
  • We have built more than 1.2 million sq. Meters of leading companies across the region.
  • We have given an 88% grade by the Colombian Security Council


  • We complement our designs with modern decor in each space it is required
  • At the end process we are able to increase end-users’ motivation levels by 30%

Change Management

  • We assist our clients’ organization during the transition process, helping employees adapt to the new working space.
  • We manage the moving process guaranteeing time saving 50%

Brand Experience

  • AEI business unit specialized in consumer loyalty delivering brand experiences in retail and customer service spaces.
  • We study POS to analyze the behavior of your consumers

Conoce DUNK

Corporate Buildings

  • We participate in the design and construction of corporate buildings, hotels, educational institutions, among others.

Client Representation

  • We help our clients identifying and procuring the right space for the development of their businesses.


  • Founding members of CCCS (Consejo Colombiano de Construcción Sostenible)
  • 13 LEED certified projects in Colombia
  •  We have more than 16 LEED accredited professionals in our design and construction tea
  • First WELL Professionals accredited in Colombia