The Projects at Alpina Sopo and Coca Cola position Arquitectura e Interiores as the leader in LEED certifications in Colombia

February 18th, 2015 - This week, the US Green Building Council awarded the LEED Silver certification to the offices of two large companies in Colombia: Coca Cola in Bogotá and the Alpina Building in Sopo. With this new achievement, Arquitectura e Interiores ranks as the number one company in Colombia in LEED Certifications.

Arquitectura e Interiores specialized in creating corporate spaces - with more than 15 LEED accredited professionals - was responsible for the design, and assessment with the purpose of contributing these two companies to become more ' greener '. Achieving the Silver Seal in both cases, represents the responsibility that these companies have for the environment, now that they have significantly achieved savings in water, energy and waste reduction within their facilities.

For a building construction to be considered sustainable by the USGBC, several sustainable features classified by environmental categories must be met, among others you must include: water savings, energy efficiency, materials, indoor air quality, innovation in the design process and regional priorities. Once the specifications in terms of materials and technical aspects meet with International environmental regulations parameters it is possible to obtain the certification. Coca Cola and Alpina join other certified projects in the country also with the assessment of Arquitectura e Interiores such as the offices of Argos, Bavaria, ANH and 3M.