The coca Cola office in Bogota is awarded the LEED Silver certification

February 26th, 2015 - For a building to be considered sustainable by the USGBC, a construction project or interior design must meet several green features classified as environmental categories among which we can include: sustainable sites, saving water, energy efficiency, resources or materials, indoor air quality and innovation in the design process. Compliance with several of these parameters gave the Coca Cola office project in Bogotá 54 necessary points so that these offices designed and built by AEI Arquitectura e Interiores, would meet the necessary requirements that enable them to achieve the LEED Silver category.

The project which was developed on two floors of the office building ( floors 8 and 9 ) had constant audit reports right from the start begining with the technical designs to ensure that all the technical requirements necessary by the US laws under which the sustainability of a space is determined, were all met. Then once the construction started, constant monitoring for all requirements that were stipulated from the design were followed. An accredited LEED AP professional from Arquitectura e Interiores accompanied the entire process.

The Coca Cola project obtained the certification after achieving results such as the following:

-20% savings in water ( They have toilets, showers and faucets with ultra efficient fittings )

-20% Savings in electrical energy ( lighting sensors, with scheduled control to turn the lighting on and off, ultra efficient air conditioning systems, and all the spaces have intakes of natural daylight )

-10% of the materials used throughout the project are harvested and produced in Colombia

What is more, the project is focused on giving a better quality of life to its employees, for example, air quality is ideal, it is being renewed constantly, all coatings and paints used in the project are free of VOC - chemical compounds - during the construction process a plan was set into place that would  ensure a construction with the highest standards of neatness and cleanliness possible ( cutting tables, sanders with vacuum absorbers, materials stored in pallets and covered in plastic ) this enabled us to ensure that all materials at the moment of installation did not contain any contamination.

Likewise, the offices offer open spaces to encourage a sustainable culture among people who inhabit these areas, they also rerly on recycling stations, bicycle parking spaces, showers and locker rooms. The offices are also located at a place that offers various options of transportation solutions  (buses, transmilenio ) and also proximity to various basic services.

" It is of the utmost important that companies begin to find and understand the impact that all the activities performed on a day to day basis have, and start to implement strategies that would allow them to become more sustainable, " a comment by Juliana Fernández, Managing Partner of Arquitectura e Interiores. " Construction ranks second on the world´s most polluting activities list, not only due to the large production of debris, but also due to the entire chain of events occuring before materials reach the site of the project. Insofar as companies increase their level of awareness, cultures and behaviours will emerge that procure a more responsible behavior towards the environment, " she stated.