Arquitectura e Interiores wins the international IIDA award in the corporate spaces category.

May 2015 - This week, the Colombian firm  AEI - Arquitectura e Interiores received for the second time the award from the International Interior Design Association - its acronym IIDA - The prize was obtained with Globant, the office project in Bogota, in the corporate spaces category.

Marta Gallo, project director and founder of Arquitectura e Interiores  AEI:  " We are very proud of representing our country and of adding this award to the company's achievements in its 19 years of existence, We have always considered that the Colombian architecture measures up to that of many other countries in the world, and we would like to make it known. "

The winning project, Globant, designed and built by AEI Arquitectura e Interiores, was intended to create offices with open spaces which were meant to encourage interaction creativity and innovation among the Globers ( as the company refers to its employees ). The company specializes in the development of innovative software products for global audiences, with a focus on the latest trends and technologies. W ith this in mind, their intention was to create a space where they could stimulate the innovative culture of their teams, also their autonomy and excellence. The design was inspired by the concept of a technological system that carries and communicates information between various components and architectural features replicated through several infrastructure networks interconnecting rooms with work stations and other spaces for collaboration and / or entertainment.

This year's third annual version of the competition led by IIDA was celebrated: With the best interior designs in Latin America and the Caribbean. The jury was composed of prestigious and renowned designers from around the world and their mission throughout the competition was to recognize and celebrate the interior design and architecture projects that reflect the highest levels of creativity, originality and design excellence throughout the region. " The winning projects represent the highest level of Latin America and the Caribbean " stressed the Executive Vice President of the Association in a statement. The Globant project was one of two winning awards representing Colombia.