The Alpina Sopo building obtains the LEED Silver Certification

February 26th, 2015 - five years ago, Alpina was the first project in Colombia that bet on building facilities that are friendly with the environment, in order to achieve this, Alpina relied on the assessment of AEI Arquitectura e Interiores professionals, a pioneer in bringing LEED certification - awarded by the United States Green Building Council ( USGBC ) - to the country.

Due to the continued growth of Alpina, and the benefits that centralizing their offices could represent in logistical terms, the company decided to move to the town of Sopo, this is where the company had its beginnings and where you can find one of the largest industrial plants in the country. At present, Alpina offices are divided between the town of Sopo and the industrial area of Bogotá.

Right from the start one of the main objectives of the new headquarters was to have an environmentally friendly and sustainable space focused on obtaining a LEED certification, this is why the building was designed with parameters that made emphasis on the use of of natural resources.

Rationalizing the consumption of electricity: Including the automation of ventilation and lighting, and also spaces with good exposure to natural light.

Rationalizing the water consumption: Rainwater harvesting, a hidrosanitary system configured to work with rainwater that is collected from the Lake of the project that contains approximately 1,300 cubic meters.

Rehabilitation of the construction site: Spacious green areas versus hard areas, use of native or adapted species that do not require irrigation systems.

Reasonable management of materials during construction: Most of the materials used in the construction are mined, manufactured and distributed in areas close to the construction site, promoting local industry and reducing the use of fossil fuels during the transportation of materials, in the construction certain materials with recycled content were specified in order to mitigate environmental impacts from the extraction of virgin materials.

50% of the wood used in the project is extracted from forests certified by the FSC.

75% of the waste generated during the construction was taken to certificated dumps or landfills. 

For the LEED stamp, applicant projects must achieve score points in different chapters and in this way determine the level of certification that the project will receive- Silver, Gold or Platinum Certification -. In the case of Alpina, the project got a score of 36 out of 69 points, among which the following results must be highlighted. 

40% reduction in the use of water

21% reduction in the use of energy

"AEI Arquitectura e Interiores is proud to present this project, Alpina was the first recorded case in Colombia for LEED certification, it was difficult to start on the subject but beyond obtaining the certification, we were able to take the first steps towards making our country a more sustainable place and obtaining solutions that not only provide an improved lifestyle for our people, but also are environmentally friendly " as stated by Marta Gallo Project Director and Partner of the firm.