Architectura e Interiores Intoduces DUNK business unit specializing in brand experiences

February 2, 2015 - Today there are more than 450 multinationals located in different cities of the country and the offer of clothing, restaurants, and accessories brands is growing rapidly. The experience of DUNK with customers such as Cachivaches, Carter's, L'Occitane and Off Corss, is focused on consumer loyalty, by means of generating emotional ties, which respond to an ever more increasingly competitive market demnads manufacturers to establish differentials that allow them to have loyal customers.

Angela Meneses, Director of Dunk says " Studies indicate that over 70% of purchasing decisions and brand loyalty is emotional. Therefore, DUNK specializes in materializing the latest retail trends by designing Spaces " This business unit finds solutions for companies at their outlets or customer service departments focused on personal experiences, involving of the latest technologies and emotional experiences through the senses.

Shopping Mall Entrepreneurs nationwide plan investments of 2,233, millions in 2015. In this context, brands can not simply offer a product just by introducing its features and strengths, if they want to reach customers and create a bond with with the product, they must overcome this discourse and create a story line, define what kind of impact (rational or emotional) they would like it to produce, and have a dialogue through which consumers understand that they are not only acquiring a product but an entire experience tied to it . This is why, the shape ( the product ) must be accompanied by a content ( a service ), and both must be consistent with the permanent presence of reasons and emotions that allow the buyer to live through the product and the experience of acquiring this specific product.