AEI Receives an International Design Award for the Third time
  • The winning project is located in the city of Bogota, In the primary school building of the Anglo Colombian School.
  • Arquitectura e Interiores wins a third time around, In four diferent versions of the IIDA award.

May 2016 - Last week in Miami, Florida, Colombian firm AEI Arquitectura e Interiores received for the third time the prize awarded by the International Interior Design Association - for its acronym in English IIDA (International Interior Design Association) - in the category of Educational Spaces with the Anglo Colombian School project.

"This competition recognizes and celebrates the interior design and architecture of projects that seek to reflect the highest level of creativity, originality and design excellence in Latin America and the Caribbean," said Cheryl Durst CEO of IIDA in the official winners statement published by the company this week.

The winning project is located in Bogota, in the primary school building of the Anglo Colombian School - the Omega Block Building - Created by architect Daniel Bonilla. The Arquitectura E Interiores Architectiural designers were commissioned to create the extended learning areas and the library of the building and in doing so they created a world designed for children, which plays with colors, geometry and nature. The design concept ¨ Learning by experience ¨, actively seeks to reflect through architecture the new educational models that allow students to have independent and more creative minds by integrating comfort zones and dynamic spaces that can accommodate to scenarios destined for study or for play. " We seek to innovate in the way students take advantage of a library, understand the new generations and their way of interacting with spaces," said Marta Gallo Managing Partner of Arquitectura E Interiores.

In its four versions AEI has been the winner in three oportunities, two years in the category of corporate offices this year in the category of educational spaces. " For 20 years we have made cutting-edge designs for offices and retail. Now we want to continue to innovate in other sectors such as hotels, health, residential housing and education, creating new ways of interaction with the spaces, " said Marta Gallo " the Anglo Colombian school project has shown us that we are able to understand the needs of our client in a unique way and by doing what we do with love brings great results. "

Anglo Colombia School Project Photos

IIDA Event Award - Miami, Florida